Corporate Plan 2017 to 2022: Our ambition and achievements - Housing

Llwyn Eirin

We recognised that there was a need to ensure housing was available to meet the needs of Denbighshire residents, and that this was an important factor in retaining or attracting young people to live in the area.

During our previous Corporate Plan we made a commitment to develop housing availability, and we continued to expand on those successes over the course of this Corporate Plan.

Our Housing priority achievements include:

  • Delivery of over 360 additional affordable homes
  • 500 empty homes have been brought back into use
  • Development of 2 Extra Care facilities, providing over 100 homes


Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement Scheme

Denbighshire successfully resettled 20 Syrian families since April 2016, with the most recent family being resettled in January 2021. The Home Office has now brought this scheme to an end and has replaced it with a new and wider UK Global Resettlement Scheme, with the priority now focusing on ‘cancelled cases’ and ‘family connections’. We will continue to work with our partners to ensure that the needs of these families are met.

Housing stock to benefit our residents

To manage and maintain our £300 million worth of housing stock for the benefit of our residents, we carefully invest the rents from our tenants and maximise opportunities to leverage in grant funding to make longer term improvements. The housing budget has been calculated to ensure we can deliver our services, maintain the quality standard of our homes, and develop our new build programme.

Over the last five years Denbighshire Housing has installed:

  • 1,100 new heating systems, 465 new roofs
  • 325 new windows
  • 125 air source heat pumps
  • 775 kitchens and bathrooms.

2,550 properties have also been externally painted, £2 million has been spent on disabled adaptations, and £1.9 million has been invested on estate and neighbourhood improvements, including 17 new play areas.

Improving Neighbourhood Environments

We completed a major £1.5million environmental improvement project on the Bro Havard Estate in St Asaph. Denbighshire Housing, along with the contractor, undertook the following works for the benefit of tenants and the community:

  • Highway reconstruction
  • A new road on Stanley Park
  • Additional parking facilities
  • Improved pedestrian links
  • Additional traffic calming measures
  • Soft landscaping

This closely links to our Environment Priority, as the landscaping consisted of native species tree planting, shrubs and wild flower areas that will provide year round colour and interest for the residents, as well as enhancing the biodiversity on the estate.

Denbighshire Housing: Environmental improvements (external website)

Affordable Housing Schemes

Over the last five years we have used grant funding to fund a range of affordable housing schemes in Denbighshire, this included:

  • 20 properties at Prestatyn Police Station - mixture of houses and flats
  • Around 40 apartments for older people at the site of the former Grange Hotel, Rhyl
  • 74 extra care homes at Lon Ganol, Denbigh
  • Rural affordable homes: two at Cynwyd and two at Rhewl
  • 28 apartments and four houses in Rhyl
  • Large house for homelessness priority cases
  • Five affordable empty homes across the county
  • Five homebuys across the county - assisting people to purchase their own home
  • Five Rent to Own properties in Rhyl - providing opportunity to rent at market and then purchase the property

Our original commitment was to help create 260 new affordable homes in the county between 2017 and 2022 and to date, 394 homes have already been delivered (December 2021).

Corporate Priority: Housing
Our ambitionOur achievement

There will be 1,000 more homes available within Denbighshire, including:

  • 170 additional Council homes
  • 260 additional affordable homes provided by private developers and Registered Social Landlords (RSLs).
  • Ongoing: 80 additional Council homes will have been delivered; a further 73 under construction; and 17 going through the Planning or acquisition process
  • Achieved: Delivery of an additional 260 affordable homes has now been achieved and exceeded as 364 additional affordable homes have been brought forward since 2017.

There will be more people living in their own homes for longer (including people with support needs) through mechanisms including:

  • An additional eight Supported Housing Units in central Denbighshire to support adults with low level support needs.

An additional 4 bed bungalow accommodation that support adults with both physical and learning disabilities is due to open 2022. Additional work around specialist housing is managed as business as usual.

More young people (up to the age of 35) will be able to afford housing through mechanisms including:

  • Mortgage deposit loan schemes
  • Supporting young people into stable tenancies

Affordable housing for Young People is progressed through the Strategic Housing and Homelessness action plan.

500 empty dwellings will have been returned to occupation and used for housing needs in the area.

500 empty homes have been brought back into use.