Corporate Plan 2017 to 2022: Our ambition and achievements - Overview

Prestatyn Nova Buildings

The overall ambition of our Corporate Plan 2017-2022 has been to ensure that Denbighshire is a place where residents and businesses are well connected and resilient; where young people have opportunities for affordable housing and acquire skills and jobs to lead successful and fulfilling lives and where we all enjoy an attractive and protected environment.  

We are proud to say that the Council has made good progress with its priorities and we would like to take this opportunity to recognise the achievements of our Corporate Plan over the last 5 years.  

We continue to be thankful to all of our staff, partners and providers who have worked hard to ensure that we achieve our ambition and continue to help and support our residents to live independent and fulfilled lives.

Corporate Priority: Housing

Corporate Priority: Housing

"Everyone is supported to live in homes that meet their needs."

Our Housing priority achievements include:

  • Delivery of over 360 additional affordable homes
  • 500 empty homes have been brought back into use
  • Development of 2 Extra Care facilities, providing over 100 homes

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Corporate Priority: Connected Communities

Corporate Priority: Connected Communities

"Communities are connected and have access to goods and services locally, online and through good transport links."

Our Connected Communities achievements include:

  • Launch of a new accessible website
  • Increased the percentage of Superfast Coverage in Denbighshire (>30 Mbps) to 92.75% (as at September 2021) from 79.2% in 2016
  • Upgrading and improvements to public access technology facilities in all of our 8 libraries

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Corporate Priority: Resilient Communities

Corporate Priority: Resilient Communities

"The Council works with people and communities to build independence and resilience."

Our Resilient Communities priority achievements include:

  • We were recognised by the Alzheimer's Society for working towards becoming a Dementia Friendly Organisation
  • Increasing the number of allotment spaces in the county to over 270
  • Launch of our Carers' Charter: Our commitment to carers throughout the county

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Corporate Priority: Environment

Corporate Priority: Environment

"Attractive and protected, supporting well-being and economic prosperity."

Our Environment priority achievements include:

  • Planting of over 18,000 trees
  • Reducing the risk of coastal flooding for 1,650 properties
  • Enhancing biodiversity in the county, with 60 sites being managed to create wildflower meadows

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Corporate Priority: Young People

Corporate Priority: Young People

"A place where younger people will want to live and work and have the skills to do so."

Our Young People priority achievements include:

  • We continued to deliver our 21st Century Schools Programme, providing 5 brand new school buildings
  • We developed a co-working space for new enterprises at the former Costigans building in Rhyl
  • Pupils from 21 schools have benefitted from our new nutrition and cooking skills programme

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Key principles in all that we do

Key principles in all that we do

Our equalities commitment

  • We created our Corporate Plan through engagement and consultation with communities in our county
  • Equality and diversity is embedded throughout all of our services in the Council
  • We created greater access to the countryside for people of all abilities

Promoting the Welsh language

  • We built a new Welsh Language Centre
  • We developed a new Welsh Language Strategy for 2017-22 in response to the Welsh Language Standards and to play our part towards national efforts to increase the number of Welsh speakers to a million by 2050
  • The authority introduced a new Welsh language officer role in early 2018 with a view to enhancing the opportunities to promote the Welsh Language within the authority

Key principles in all that we do.



The Corporate Plan set out our ambitious but deliverable priorities for the five year period 2017-22.

Some of these priorities have required significant capital investment others revenue funding, and some delivered by changing the way we do things and targeting existing investment at no additional cost. So far direct Council revenue funding of £5.260m has been made available to the end of 2022, £1.380m of which is an ongoing base budget commitment.

The council did not have to provide all of the funding necessary itself. Grants from the Welsh Government have been utilised to help fund the planned work to improve our schools and flood defences. We have also used income from housing rent to help fund the new council housing.

We are proud to say that the council continued to make good progress with its priorities, having for the most-part recovered timescales that were impacted by Covid-19, or adapted delivery to continue to secure the benefits that we want for our communities.

Our hope remains that the projects we deliver will help to support our residents to live independent and fulfilled lives here in Denbighshire, particularly as we look ahead, together, to recovery after the impact of Covid-19.

Corporate Plan 2017 to 2022: Our ambition and achievements - Summary (Infographic)