Corporate Plan 2017 to 2022: Our ambition and achievements - Resilient Communities

Resilient Communities

In Denbighshire we promoted people’s health and well-being and encouraged them to remain as independent as possible.

In order to do this, we needed to work with everyone in the community, to ensure that there were strong support networks in place and ensure people have more involvement in decisions affecting their future well-being. At the same time, we continued to make sure that people at risk of abuse or exploitation are safeguarded.

Our Resilient Communities achievements include:

  • We were recognised by the Alzheimer's Society for working towards becoming a Dementia Friendly Organisation
  • Increasing the number of allotment spaces in the county to over 270
  • Launch of our Carers' Charter: Our commitment to carers throughout the county


Safeguarding Awareness (E-Learning)

We introduced Safeguarding Awareness (E-Learning). A new safeguarding training module that is being rolled out across the council.

Safeguarding is everyone's business and we all have a role to play in reporting any concerns we may have about vulnerable people living in our communities.

Community Resource Teams

A significant project was to design seamless health and social care services in the form of Community Resource Teams.

We worked in partnership with Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (BCUHB) to deliver this project, with BCUHB being the lead delivery partner.

The aim of the Community Resource Teams was to deliver comprehensive, flexible and responsive multi-agency and multi-disciplinary community health and social care services.

These are easily and seamlessly accessible from the citizen’s perspective. Rhyl's has been in place since 2017 with Ruthin’s Community Resource Team established in February 2019.

Awareness of Domestic Abuse

A new domestic abuse policy has been created by the Council and is available on our website. The council has taken steps to promote the policy and to further support education and awareness about domestic abuse.

Dementia Friendly Council

February 2020 saw Denbighshire County Council given national recognition for its efforts to work towards becoming a dementia friendly council. The council achieved Alzheimer’s Society recognition through its Dementia Friendly Communities initiative for its work to raise awareness and support those living with dementia.

Digital Library

The Library Service continued to provide a valued service during lockdown, despite the buildings being closed and the staff team being redeployed to our proactive calling work. Our Digital Library offer was heavily promoted through social media and other channels and 428 new members joined online since mid March.

'Talking Points': Bringing information out to the community

We continued to develop our Talking Points project to improve an information, advice and assistance service at the heart of the community.

Talking Points offers an opportunity for the citizens of Denbighshire to meet with health, social care and third sector staff in their own community in a convenient, appropriate and welcoming venue such as a local library, and to talk with them about the well-being outcomes they desire for themselves or others.

Corporate Priority: Resilient Communities
Our ambitionOur achievement

Community groups will be thriving, with practical advice and support available to help them be effective.

The Community Planning website will be available to support good practice in terms of planning, engagement, alignment with public sector strategic objectives.

  • Project: Community Planning and Development Resource (Completed March 2019)
  • Project: Community Development Windfarms (Completed March 2021)
  • Project: Rhyl Community Development Project (Completed 2021)

Everyone will feel safer in their communities, particularly those suffering the consequences of domestic abuse.

Project: Act to reduce Domestic Abuse - Ongoing (on target).