Corporate Plan 2017-2022: Our ambition and achievements - Young people 

Christ the Word Catholic School

We wanted Denbighshire to be a place where young people can and want to flourish. To do this there must be excellent education provision working alongside a strong employment offer for all, focusing on skills for work and skills for life.

We also know that physical and emotional well-being from an early age is important, preventing problems occurring later in life. We wanted to make sure that we give young people the best start in life, and worked with our partners, schools and businesses to make this happen.

Our Young People priority achievements include:

  • We continued to deliver our 21st Century Schools Programme, providing 5 brand new school buildings
  • We developed a co-working space for new enterprises at the former Costigans building in Rhyl
  • Pupils from 21 schools have benefitted from our new nutrition and cooking skills programme


Modernising Education Programme

21st Century Schools logo

We continued to deliver on the 21st Century Schools programme, modernising our school facilities to ensure that our children have a learning environment that supports their education.

So far, more than £90 million has been invested in Denbighshire’s schools, which has seen more than 3,500 pupils benefit from improved facilities.

Christ the Word Catholic School

Christ the Word Catholic School

The new school, which opened in September 2019, has replaced Ysgol Mair and Blessed Edward Jones Catholic high school and is part of the Diocese of Wrexham. It provides for 420 full time pupils aged 3-11 and 500 pupils aged 11-16, funded in partnership by Denbighshire County Council and the Welsh Government through its 21st Century Schools Programme.


Ysgol Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd

Ysgol Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd

The brand new £5.3million bilingual church school opposite Bron y Clwyd opened in February 2020. The project was jointly funded between Denbighshire County Council and Welsh Government as part of the Welsh Government’s 21st Century Schools programme, in partnership with the Diocese of St Asaph.


We completed work on the development of a new volunteering policy for the council, approved by Cabinet in March 2021.

Since then, we published information online to host volunteering opportunities and guidance for the benefit of volunteers and managers.


Entrepreneur Space

Work on transforming the former Costigan’s pub in Rhyl into a co-working hub for entrepreneurs was completed towards the end of 2020, and handed over to start-up and co-working experts, TownSq, in January.

Denbighshire County Council used £312,000 of funding through the European Regional Development Fund and the Welsh Government to create the office accommodation at the semi-derelict Costigan’s building on Bodfor Street, Rhyl. The building will support new businesses, create jobs and grow the local economy. There is room to accommodate around 20 start-up business in flexible accommodation, with space to host events and a coffee shop on site.

Corporate Priority: Young people
Our ambitionOur achievement

All young people are being supported to achieve their potential.

We would expect to see a reduction in the number of pupils not achieving the expected standard at the end of secondary where they did achieve the expected standard at the end of primary.

Programme: Modernising Education. Completed the delivery of Band A of the programme. Band B proposals have been approved by Welsh Government, with early feasibility and design works progressing.

Young people are resilient and have the right skills to thrive, including practical, financial and emotional skills.

  • Project: Monitoring and supporting positive pupil attitudes to self and school/well-being. Completed (August 2021)
  • Project: Health and Wellbeing - Nutrition and Cooking Skills. Ongoing (on target)

Quality mentoring and work opportunities are available to young people to help them develop their skills.

Project: The Denbighshire Working Start Scheme. Ongoing (on target).

Young people can find employment that appeals to them and matches their skills.

  • Project: Develop a co-working space for new enterprises at the former Costigans, Rhyl. Project Completed (May 2021)
  • Project: Community Benefits Hub. Ongoing (on target)