A better connected Denbighshire

What we want

Denbighshire will be a place of thriving, cohesive and connected communities. This will mean having good road infrastructure and transport links, better digital connectivity, and social infrastructure to support personal and community well-being.

What we aim to do:

  1. Maintain a quality road network, including:
    • £20m in resurfacing projects by 2027.
    • Replace Llanerch Bridge, in partnership with Welsh Government.
  2. Working through the regional body, and within the context of the Wales Transport Strategy, we will enable people to access education, employment, services and activities by:
    • Improve transport services in Denbighshire’s communities.
    • Developing a Sustainable Transport Plan, that makes travel and tourism within our county ‘greener’, including new Active Travel routes that encourage walking and cycling within and between communities.
  3. Support our county’s green infrastructure by:
    • Developing and installing a public network of electric vehicle charging points.
    • Exploring ways in which the council can encourage new housing developments to allow for electric vehicle charging and green spaces.
  4. Support communities with improved digital networks and skills, this includes:
    • Helping residents to understand options and solutions for improved internet connectivity, including through Fibre Community Partnerships.
    • Through our libraries, and in partnership with Cwmpass, offer skills development and quality facilities that support digitally safe and inclusive communities.
  5. Promote personal and community well-being by:
    • Supporting volunteering and projects from grassroots organisations to develop community and personal skills in local places.
    • Investing in capacity building and support for community groups.
    • Developing community engagement schemes to support community involvement and decision-making in local regeneration.

*Equality Objectives.