Corporate priority: Environment

Attractive and protected, supporting well-being and economic prosperity

Denbighshire aims to ensure that the environment is both attractive and protected, but also supports community well-being and economic prosperity.  To achieve this we will reduce our carbon impact and increase the use of renewables throughout the county.  We also plan to increase the biodiversity value of the county by protecting vulnerable species and habitats for the benefit of both wildlife and people who live and visit Denbighshire. Alongside this, Denbighshire aims to raise the profile of the county as a place to hold outdoor events that capitalise on our unique environment.

To achieve this we will:

  • Reduce carbon emissions from Council assets by at least 15% by 2022.
  • Improve the energy efficiency of Council houses.
  • Increase renewable energy provision across the county.
  • Reduce the number of properties at risk of flooding in Denbighshire.
  • Increase the biodiversity quality of important habitats and species across the county.
  • Raise the profile of the county as a location to visit, in order to capitalise on Denbighshire’s economic potential.

If we are successful we expect to see:

  • Improvements in Council housing energy ratings, achieving an ‘Excellent’ energy rating for all new builds.
  • Double the amount of energy we use in our council buildings that comes from renewable sources.
  • A reduction in the number of properties at risk of flooding in Denbighshire.
  • Growing numbers of black grouse, little terns, adders, sand lizards & bees.
  • 18,000 more trees across Rhyl and Denbigh.
  • An increase in the value of tourism spend in the county.