Corporate priority: Young people

A place where younger people will want to live and work and have the skills to do so

We want Denbighshire to be a place where young people can and want to flourish. To do this there must be excellent education provision working alongside a strong employment offer for all, focusing on skills for work and skills for life. We also know that physical and emotional well-being  from an early age is important, preventing problems occurring later in life. We want to make sure that we give young people the best start in life, and will work with our partners, schools and businesses to make this happen.

To achieve this we will:

  • See that every child achieving the expected standard at the end of primary school (Level 4, Key Stage 2) will achieve 5 GSCEs A*-C (Level 2 Key Stage 4), including English or Welsh (1st language) and Maths, by the end of secondary school.
  • Continue to modernise schools via the 21st Century Schools programme.
  • Help young people to develop practical ‘life skills’ and behaviours that contribute to good health and well-being.
  • Deliver support for parents to give their children the best start.
  • Provide young people with effective career advice and mentoring.
  • Offer young people the opportunity to develop skills for life and work through volunteering opportunities and meaningful work experience.
  • Develop greater employment opportunities for younger people.

If we are successful we expect to see:

  • All young people being supported to achieve their potential.
  • Modern school facilities that further enhance pupils’ learning.
  • Young people are resilient and have the right skills to thrive.
  • Parents can give their children the best start in life, to grow into independent and fulfilled adults.
  • Young people make the right choices to prepare them for the work that they want to do, and feel confident and well-supported to enter employment.
  • Quality mentoring and work opportunities to help further develop skills.
  • Employment that appeals to young people and matches their skills.