Corporate Plan: How the plan was developed

During the summer of 2016, Denbighshire County Council asked people about their long-term, future aspirations for their communities, under the County Conversation. This, coupled with statistics, enabled us to draft a list of aspirations that Denbighshire residents thought were important. At the end of 2016 we asked the people of Denbighshire to choose the level of importance for each aspiration, with over 1500 responses received. Following the feedback received over these County Conversation exercises, we were able to identify priorities for Denbighshire going forward.

Discussions then took place over summer 2017 with Denbighshire County Council staff and colleagues from other organisations (including Health, North Wales Fire and Rescue, and Natural Resources Wales) to generate actions under each priority, before presenting the new proposed priorities to the Elected Members of Denbighshire. These priorities and actions were then adopted by the Council forming Denbighshire's 2017-2022 Corporate Plan.

Denbighshire County Council legally must publish Well-being Objectives (under the Well-being of Future Generations Act 2015) and Improvement Objectives (under the Local Government Measure 2009). The priorities within our Corporate Plan serve the purpose of being these objectives.

Further consultation and monitoring

We will continue the County Conversation throughout the life time of this Corporate Plan through Annual Reporting, explaining what we expect to deliver during each year to support our priorities, and seeking views as to how we should tackle our goals.

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