Social Care Workforce Development Partnership

The Social Care Workforce Development Partnership (SCWDP) provides an annual comprehensive training and development programme across adult community care, children and family services and management development.

This programme is open to external providers, or other appropriate social care organisations working in Denbighshire, who provide commissioned adult and children and family services.

Our aim is for a 'whole sector' approach to meeting training needs and attaining qualification targets.  We aim to support employers of social care workers with training, continuous professional development and workforce matters.

The SCWDP is a national scheme, which is partially funded by the Welsh Government.  You can find information on how much funding each local authority receives in the annual circular.

This communication strategy outlines how we will publish information about the SCWDP.


You can find details of the training programme for the coming year here.

For dates and locations of training events, information on eligibility for training, and how to book, please go to our social care training page.