Parent and toddler groups

Parent and toddler groups are mainly for children under two and a half years old, accompanied by their parent or carer. 

Children can play together and enjoy the company of other children their own age. Parents can socialise, forge friendships and share concerns and anxieties in an informal environment.

Parent and toddler groups in Denbighshire

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How to set up a parent and toddler group

If you would like to establish a parent and toddler group in your area, you will need:

  • support from other parents 
  • suitable premises
  • toys and equipment
  • insurance 
  • first aid kit 
  • parents willing to help out 
  • advertising and opening times 

We can give you support and advice on how to set up a group. To find out more about setting up a group, contact us or call us on 01745 815891.