Terms and conditions

Library membership

Library membership

By joining the library, you are confirming that you have read and accept the terms and conditions of membership and agree to abide by these terms, for the duration of our contract.

General conditions of membership

  • Online membership entitles you to use our digital collections such as eBooks, audiobooks and downloads. When you join online you will be given a library ID number and PIN of your choosing, for your own personal use.
  • Full library membership entitles you to use all library services provided by Denbighshire Libraries and our partner organisations. When you have joined as a full member, you will be given a library membership card and a PIN, for your own personal use.
  • Library members are required to present their library membership card when they borrow items and use library computers.
  • As a library member you are responsible for all items borrowed on your library card, including any lost/damaged items which may need to be paid for, and for the payment of any charges accrued on your library account.
  • If the card is lost the library must be notified.
  • You are responsible for informing us of any changes to your personal details, for example change of address.
  • You reserve the right to terminate your account at any time.
  • Should you wish to cancel your library membership, you must return all items you have borrowed and return your membership card for cancellation. If there are any outstanding charges on your library account you will be expected to pay them.

Use of library computers and the internet, printing and photocopying

  • To use our public computers you must be a full member of the library and always have your library card and PIN with you. Library members’ Internet access is not transferable to any other person.
  • If you are under 14 years old you will receive a consent form for internet use, for your parent or guardian to sign.
  • Children under 11 years old may not use library computers unless they are accompanied by their parent or guardian.
  • It is the parent or carer’s responsibility to monitor and manage use of the Internet and library computers by children in their care. If you are concerned about the content your child may access using a library computer we request that parents/carers accompany children on their library visit.
  • Internet access is filtered; and all access is recorded and logged. The specific content of any transactions will not be monitored unless there is a suspicion of improper use.
  • Illegal or unlawful violations of the Acceptable Use Policy may be referred for legal action or to the police.
  • You must agree to adhere to our Acceptable Use Policy in order to start your computer session

Acceptable Use Policy

Please note that only one person is allowed at each computer and that your use is actively monitored by the Council.

Please do not make any attempt to reconfigure, hack or damage computer equipment.

Using the internet to gain unauthorised access to computer systems or networks is strictly prohibited.

Please do not attempt to access, create, download, print or transmit material that is illegal, pornographic, offensive, abusive, racist, defamatory or likely to cause unnecessary offence or distress.

Please be considerate of other library customers when you are using the computer.

Data Protection and the retention of personal data

Denbighshire County Council respects your right to privacy and is committed to protecting it in accordance with the Data Protection Legislation. 

The information you provide us when you join the library is necessary for the performance of the contract between us. Failure to supply this information may result in the termination of our contract.

The Library Service Privacy Notice explains how we use any personal information we collect about you when you use our services.

We will not keep your information any longer than necessary, except where required by law.

The retention schedules for how long we keep different types of information, are as follows:

User account management

What we hold: personal data held in library account on Library Management System database (If the account is inactive for a period of 24 months, the account will be closed and the data deleted).

Duration: end of membership contract plus 1 year

What we hold: users with items / charges outstanding on their account at contract end.

Duration: end of membership contract plus 6 years

What we hold: library user loan history

Duration: end of membership contract plus 1 year

Library user computer use

What we hold: personal data held on Library Management System database.

Duration: end of membership contract plus 1 year

What we hold: session data held in PC Management Software.

Duration: 3 years then data anonymised for 2 years then deleted.

What we hold: library user internet history. Anonymised data held for a temporary period to assist in the detection of misuse.

Duration: 1 month

What we hold: print jobs in the print management module

Duration: 1 previous job on the same PC

Right to be forgotten

Data will be deleted on request, if there is no service or legal requirement to retain the data.

What we hold: session data held in PC Management Software.

Duration: deleted after 90 days.

Monitoring use and breaches of terms

What we hold: users who have been banned from accessing services in accordance with our exclusion policy.

Duration: end of membership contract plus 6 years

Data associated with an indefinite ban will be held in accordance with any legal obligation.

Library led activities

What we hold: if you have registered to regularly attend a library led activity e.g. Reading Group, Bookstart rhymetimes

Duration: current year plus year or end of membership contract plus 1 year

Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in the suspension or cancellation of your library membership.

These terms and conditions are made under the Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964.

Registration Services

Terms and conditions for Denbighshire registration services.

Us' or ‘Our’ or ‘We’ means Denbighshire County Council (“Council”)

‘You' or ‘Your’ means the person (s) named in the booking ceremony form.

Your marriage or civil partnership ceremony booking is accepted on the condition that:

  • No legal impediment to the marriage or civil partnership exists and Legal Preliminaries are completed as required.
  • Any foreign divorce/dissolution papers are accepted by the Registrar General where applicable.


Provisional Booking and Deposit

Payment of a deposit will reserve space in our diary for a ceremony at a Registration office or for Registrars to attend a licenced venue. The Provisional Booking Fee is non-refundable and will be deducted from the final fee due.

To secure a date and time more than 12 months in advance of the ceremony an additional fee is payable which is non-refundable and will not be deducted from the final fee due.

Notice fees are payable at the time you give your legal notice of intention to marry or form a civil partnership; these fees are non-refundable.

Ceremony fees and Certificate fee

The balance of the ceremony fee is due no later than two (2) weeks before the ceremony. Please note reminders are not sent. Non-payment by the due date will result in the ceremony being cancelled by us and all monies paid to date will be forfeited.

Additional Certificates

If you have requested and paid for additional certificates, please be aware ALL certificates are posted (via 2nd class mail). We do not accept any liability for certificates lost in transit. In the event that the certificates are not received by you, a further application and payment will be required.

Signing the Register/Schedule

During your ceremony you will be asked to sign your entry in the Register/Schedule. You must check thoroughly that all the information is correct before signing.

Any corrections requested after the register/schedule has been signed will need to be referred to The General Register Office for consideration which carries a mandatory statutory fee of £90 payable by you.


Cancellation by couple

We will only accept a cancellation from one of the parties to the ceremony and not from any other person. In the event that you need to cancel your ceremony you must notify us in writing, by email from the email address given at the time of booking or by letter.

  • Deposit will be retained if you cancel your ceremony.
  • No refund will be made if cancellation is made within the two (2) weeks of the date of the ceremony.
  • Failure to attend the booked ceremony on the appointed day or time will be treated as a cancellation and all monies paid will be forfeited.

Cancellation by Denbighshire County Council

Your booking may be cancelled by the Council if you have not given your legal notice of intention to marry or form a civil partnership. The deposit will be retained by the Council.


The time booked for the ceremony is the time it will commence.

Please note that there is no contingency plan in place if the ceremony is delayed, due to the late arrival of the couple or any awaited guests, or for any other reason.

In order to fulfil other commitments with other ceremonies, the registrar will have to leave the venue in accordance with the agreed ceremony time.

If the Registrar is able to wait to perform your ceremony, then you will be charged by way of invoice for the Registrars waiting time.

Where a ceremony is cancelled due to lateness, no refunds will be given.


It is your responsibility to ensure that you have two credible witnesses at the ceremony. We require that witnesses signing the register must be aged 16 or over and speak and understand English.

Ceremonies in freestanding structures and outside ceremonies

This applies to any ceremony where either part of the non-legal ceremony takes place outdoors or any ceremony where any guests are outside. It does not apply to ceremonies in weather proof structures.

  • The legal part of the proceedings will always take place within a licenced structure.
  • The holding of such a ceremony must be pre-agreed with us in writing.
  • The ceremony must take place during daylight hours.
  • The venue must agree and must also have an alternative ceremony room for your use in case the ceremony needs to be conducted indoors
  • The ceremony will not proceed outside on the day of the ceremony if the weather is inclement. The final decision will rest with the Registrar on the day

Naming and renewal of vows

Your ceremony booking is accepted, on the condition that the following documents are produced as appropriate:

  • The birth certificate of the person being named; and/or
  • The marriage or civil partnership certificate for couples renewing their vows.

Please note that these ceremonies do not give any legal status or rights.


We do not permit animals or wildlife (with the exception of guide dogs or assistance animals) at ceremonies in our own registration offices.

If an approved venue permits a couple to have animals or wildlife at their ceremony, the venue is entirely responsible for the health and safety of guests and any housekeeping issues which may arise as a result. We must be informed of these arrangements in advance of the day of the ceremony.


Facilities are usually available either within or outside the venue for photographs. A limited number of photographs taken by the official photographer will be allowed during a ceremony by prior arrangement with the conducting registrar.

Photographers must not be allowed to cause any unnecessary delays to the commencement of ceremonies.

The register/schedule cannot be filmed or photographed due to data protection restrictions.

The registrar reserves the right to stop the photographs/video if it is believed to be unnecessarily interfering with or intruding on the conducting of the ceremony or registration of the marriage/civil partnership.


Denbighshire County Council commits to providing a safe and healthy working environment for its staff. The Council expects members of the public to treat employees with courtesy and respect and will not tolerate anyone who behaves aggressively or abusively towards employees.


We cannot accept liability for:

  • Any ceremony that has to be cancelled as a result of events outside our control.
  • Any delay or loss caused by the late arrival or non-arrival of you or your guests.
  • Any loss to you, financial or otherwise, caused by a request from you or your representatives to delay the ceremony.
  • Failure of any music system or device provided by the venue, yourself or a third party.
  • Errors, omissions or failures caused by a venue that is not owned by Denbighshire County Council. Approval of the venue is granted only in connection with the provision of ceremonies
  • Any loss or compensation where a ceremony is stopped from proceeding because:
    • It would be void if it went ahead
    • An offence under the Marriage or Civil Partnership Acts would be committed, or
    • Either party to the marriage is deemed incapable of continuing due to illness, consumption of alcohol or other substances.

We will not accept liability for any costs or consequential loss incurred as a result of having to alter the venue or timing of the ceremony.

We reserve the right to make the final decision on any wording used in the delivery of your ceremony, and will not accept liability for any omission.

Our contact details are ceremonies@denbighshire.gov.uk


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