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Project background

Project background

This project seeks to enhance and improve Moel Famau, one of the busiest sites in the Clwydian Range and Dee Valley AONB, through the development of a 'Nordic' style visitor hub, which will include a grab and go refreshment facilities and toilets, at the upper Bwlch Pen Barras car park, along with improvements to cycling routes in the area.

The primary goal of these improvements will be to establish a more permanent staff presence on site, which will assist with the management of pressures associated with increased visitor numbers. The hub will provide information and advice to visitors, along with 'grab and go' refreshment facilities and toilets.

Key points

Key points

  • This is a new project to deliver enhancements to a popular tourist attraction.
  • The project compliments the improvements also scheduled for Loggerheads.
  • The design contract has been awarded to local consultants TACP Architects.
  • The construction contract is set to be tendered shortly.
  • Work is set to commence January 2025.
  • The project is due to be completed by September 2025.
Current position

Current position

Draft plans have been developed and a public engagement exercise is now underway.



Moel Famau

Moel Famau

Moel Famau

Moel Famau



Public engagement will take place throughout April-May 2024.

Further project details and drawings can be viewed online, in the Bwlch Penbarras Shepherds Hut and in Loggerheads Visitor Centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the new visitor building being funded?

The improvements for Loggerheads project have been funded through Levelling Up, a UK Government fund.

The Levelling Up funding allocated to Denbighshire amounts to £10.95m and will benefit Ruthin and its rural communities, including Loggerheads and Moel Famau.

Moel Famau has been awarded £1.3million of this fund.

Further information on Levelling Up in Denbighshire can be found on our website.

Why are you undertaking these improvements?

The primary goal of the enhancements to Moel Famau is to address the challenges associated with the increasing number of visitors (which now surpasses 300,000 annually) and to meet the rising expectations of visitors.

On the days the Shepherd’s Hut is present, there is a chance to communicate information to visitors, resulting in a notable decrease in incidents such as sheep attacks and littering. We believe that a permanent presence will have a positive influence on the area. The building will act as a base for Rangers and Volunteer Rangers managing the area.

Why isn’t the money being spent on other things?

The funds have been allocated by the UK Government and are designated specifically for enhancing the infrastructure and facilities at Moel Famau Country Park.

Are the plans linked to obtaining National Park status?

The project at Moel Famau is not associated with the proposed National Park. The National Park is a distinct initiative led by the Welsh Government, with a decision still pending.

Is the proposed option the best location for a building – what other options were explored?

Three possible sites in Bwlch Penbarras were evaluated for the visitor hub's location. During the selection process, visual and environmental impacts, as well as accessibility, were taken into account. The chosen site is near the current location of the Shepherds Hut and is adjacent to the Offas Dyke Path.

Will a permanent building attract more visitors to the area?

The building has been thoughtfully planned to serve as a hub for managing and guiding visitors exploring the area, rather than becoming a standalone attraction. It will provide 'grab and go' style locally sourced refreshments, toilet facilities, and serve as a base for the Ranger Team to provide advice and address any arising issues.

Who owns the land the building is being built on?

The land where the proposed building will be built on is currently owned and managed by Denbighshire County Council.

Who owns the land the cycle route runs on?

The land is owned and managed by Denbighshire County Council.

Will the building attract antisocial behaviour?

The building's design aims to deter antisocial behaviour through thoughtful planning. Additionally, we will collaborate with the Design Out Crime Officer from North Wales Police during the final design phases.

Shuttering will be utilized to cover the windows of the building when not in use as part of the plans.

What materials will be used to construct the building?

The materials chosen for constructing the building will be thoughtfully selected to harmonize with the local surroundings. The building will have a low profile, blending in below the skyline, and will be finished with the similar stone used in and around the car park area. Every design aspect will aim to enhance the landscape and complement the existing structures.

Will the building negatively impact the dark skies status of the area?

All external lighting will comply with the latest dark sky guidelines, and all lights will be turned off when the building is not in use.

Will there be a loss of car parking spaces?

There might be a temporary disruption in the car parking area, and some existing spaces may need to be reconfigured. As part of the enhancements, we plan to add bike racks and investigate the possibility of installing EV charging points.

Will there be a seated café?

The café is set to offer a convenient 'grab and go' service for customers, featuring locally sourced, high-quality hot and cold drinks, cakes, snacks, and ice cream. There will be some limited indoor seating to escape bad weather, as well as some covered outdoor seating. The café's menu will not include full sit down meals.

What improvement will be made to improve the cycle route?

Plans are in place to enhance the current cycle paths located along the southern boundary of the country park. These upgrades will maintain an off-road cycling route designed for more experienced riders. The improvements will focus on enhancing surfaces, signage, and access gates.

Will the Offa’s Dyke Path be closed?

There will be no closures to the Offa’s Dyke Path as part of the building or improvement works.

How will you keep people informed?

Information about the project as it evolves will be available on the DCC website via the dedicated Levelling Up Fund pages, as well as through the following means:

  • Information in the local press.
  • Updates on Denbighshire’s social media channels – please follow our Facebook (external website) and Twitter (external website) pages for regular updates.
  • Articles in the online County Voice publication – to be added to the mailing list please register on our website.
  • Posters in key community locations (Visitor Centre, Loggerheads and Shepherd Hut, Moel Famau) to promote local consultation as we acknowledge not everyone is online.
  • Promotion through local partners’ own communication networks.
  • Community Council meetings and newsletters.

As Denbighshire County Council aims to be Carbon Zero by 2030, we must consider how we engage with everyone to avoid excessive printing of documents.

When will construction work begin at Moel Famau?

The cycle route improvement works at the country park is set to commence in summer 2024, while building works are scheduled to start in winter 2024/2025.

Contact information

Contact information

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact the AONB team at Loggerheads Country Park:

Contact Us

Please contact levellingup@denbighshire.gov.uk highlighting the project of specific interest and we will pass this on to the relevant project manager.

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