Renewal areas

A renewal area is a defined area where we will carry out external works to improve the buildings and environment, to make the area more safe, attractive and pleasant, so that residents can take pride in it.

There are currently two renewal areas in Denbighshire: Rhyl South West / East and West Parade, Rhyl. You can view a map of the renewal areas here:

Map: renewal areas - Rhyl (PDF, 4.82MB)

To help us decide on a renewal area, we carry out a study of a particular area that looks at the condition of the buildings, the socio-economic status of the area, and how many of the properties are privately owned. This helps us to decide on the best option for regenerating the area.

Every year we receive funding from the Welsh Government to carry out regeneration work in renewal areas. The amount we receive can vary each year, and we plan our work according to the amount of funding we receive.

What do we do in a renewal area?

We carry out work to improve the external parts of buildings in a renewal area, including: 

  • roofs 
  • chimneys 
  • windows 
  • external walls 
  • gutters 
  • soil pipes 
  • sometimes boundary walls to external paths and paving

We also carry out environmental improvements by developing waste land, improving open spaces and alleyways, and more.

This work improves the housing and amenities in areas where social and environmental problems are combined with poor housing.

What if I live in a renewal area?

If you own a property in a designated renewal area, you may be invited to join a group repair scheme.

A group repair scheme is where repair or refurbishment work is carried out on the external parts of a group of properties. There are several group repair schemes within each renewal area. This work can prolong the lifespan of a property, and improves the overall appearance of the area.

You do not have to apply to join a repair scheme. We will contact you 6-8 months before the work is due to start, to see if you are interested in joining the scheme.

Group repair schemes (PDF, 93KB)