Apply for a class A council tax exemption online

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  • Before you begin

    To apply for a Class A Exemption, you will need to:

    • provide your details
    • provide the owner's details (if different from your details)
    • tell us the dates that the property:
      • became unoccupied
      • became unfurnished
      • required major structural works, or when the works began/begin
    • provide details about the major structural works that are required or undergoing at the property
    • Let us know how you would like to show the property qualifies for the exemption, you can do this by:
      • arranging a video call through Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp or Zoom. Video calls are recorded for the purpose of determining the outcome of the inspection. Videos are kept no longer than necessary and in line with our privacy notice
      • uploading up to 4 images - the total size of all photos combined cannot be more than 20MB