Council Tax occupancy review

We are reviewing the occupancy of properties in Denbighshire to ensure that everybody is paying the correct amount of Council Tax. 

This review is being undertaken by an Income and Awards Review Team on our behalf.

Review letters

Review letters will be sent to Council Tax account holders who are currently liable to pay Council Tax to find out the occupation of a property. The letter will contain a unique PIN number to use when completing your response.

If you do not respond to the review letter within 14 days, it may result in a premium charge being applied if the occupancy details cannot be determined

How to confirm occupancy details

You can confirm property occupation details by one of the following methods:

You only need to confirm your details through one method.

Occupancy review online form

You will need to enter your unique PIN number to access the occupancy review online form. You can find this PIN number on the review letter that was sent to you.

Occupancy online form (external website)

Completing the form on the review letter

You can fill in the form on the back of the review letter and return it within 14 days to:

PO Box 11326

Please do not return this form to Denbighshire County Council.

More information

When confirming the occupancy of a property, you should be aware that:

  • you must always tell us if your circumstances change (this includes telling us about any changes to the occupancy of the address)
  • we can impose a £50 penalty if you:
    • fail to provide the information requested
    • supply false information