Reviewing our schools

We have a responsibility to periodically review school provision, to make sure that we are providing the best education for pupils, so that they can achieve their full potential.

There are a large number of surplus school places in some areas of Denbighshire, whilst other areas don’t have enough places to meet the local demand. Many schools still have to rely on mobile accommodation, such as portable cabins, to use as classrooms.

It is getting more and more difficult to teach our pupils because our schools were not designed for the modern curriculum (such as the foundation phase). Headteachers have been making the best of what we’ve got, but we need to invest in our school buildings, so that our pupils have the best possible learning environment.

We need to review our school provision to: 

  • make sure our education provision is of a high quality, and is sustainable in the long term 
  • improve the quality of school buildings and facilities 
  • provide the right number of school places, of the right type, in the right locations

What are we doing?

We are modernising the way education is provided across Denbighshire, by carrying out a series of area reviews. This means that we are looking at groups of schools in areas of the county, to see if we can improve the delivery of education in each area. This could include closing or merging some schools, or opening new schools.

We are reviewing our schools on an area by area basis, to make sure that when we make changes to school organisation, we take into account any potential impact on other schools nearby.

When we carry out an area review, we always consult with the parents of children who are attending schools in that area. This is so that you can have your say, and be involved in decisions made about our schools.

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