School funding formula

We use a funding formula to calculate the amount of money allocated to our schools.

School funding formula

The current Denbighshire Funding Formula was introduced in the 2013-14 financial year.  The formula consists of strategic activity elements, e.g. curriculum, social deprivation, additional learning needs, and Welsh language; and activity cost drivers, e.g. pupil numbers, head count, class ratios, and small schools.

We review the activity cost drivers every year, to make sure they support the strategic activity elements as required.

School funding formula for mainstream and special schools (PDF, 371KB)

Class size funding

We have a statutory duty to limit infant class sizes to no more than 30.  This applies to reception class, year 1 and year 2.  There is no statutory duty to cap class sizes at 30 for years 3 to 6, but we are committed to enforcing this.

This policy sets out the criteria by which schools in Denbighshire will be eligible for class size finding.  Nursery pupils are not included in this policy.

Infant and junior class size funding (PDF, 305KB)