New governors

The work of a governing body can be very demanding at times, but also very rewarding.

Roles and responsibilities

Every governing body meets at least once per term. There are several matters that can only be dealt with by the full governing body. However, a lot of the governing body's work can be fully or partially delegated, and a good governing body will have some very active committees.

Some roles and tasks can be allocated to an individual governor, such as links to curricular areas or year groups, or responsibility for governor training arrangements.  Some roles, such as child protection and SEN governors, are mandatory.

All governors are expected to participate on governing body committees. Governors are appointed to committees based on their skills, knowledge and expertise.

Your induction

As a new governor, you will be provided with a package of training and guidance, so you can become effective in your new role as quickly as possible. This will be arranged when you are appointed as a governor.

This is what you can expect as part of your training:

  • mentor support for an agreed period
  • a mandatory two-hour training session
  • a training session on understanding and using data
  • general information that applies to all governors in all schools
  • specific information that relates to your own school

Find out more

In addition to the information provided by us, schools who have subscribed can get more general information and support from Governors Cymru (external website).