Advantages of Welsh medium education

Welsh medium education has many advantages. 


The educational advantages of Welsh medium education are:

  • most young children learn languages easier than adults
  • bilingual children tend to perform better academically
  • bilingual people find it easier to learn other languages
  • children who follow a Welsh medium education do as well, or better, in English as those who follow an English medium education



A Welsh medium education is helpful for careers because:

  • the ability to speak Welsh is essential for a growing number of jobs
  • speaking two languages is an impressive skill to include on job applications
  • on average, bilingual people tend to be higher earners

Evidence: Welsh speakers 'more likely to get top qualifications and jobs'


Research shows that speaking two or more languages is beneficial to a person’s mental health.

Evidence: Delaying the onset of Alzheimer disease (external website)


Welsh medium education can help throughout life because:

  • being able to speak Welsh expands a person’s cultural understanding and historical knowledge of Wales
  • being able to speak Welsh strengthens the feeling of belonging and identity
  • being able to change from one language to another inspires confidence and pride

Evidence:The Advantages of Bilingualism in Welsh and English' (external website)