Emergency planning

When an emergency occurs, we will carry out the following:

  • Set-up an emergency control centre to manage our response
  • Appointing liaison officers to work with the emergency services and other agencies
  • Provide scientific, engineering and technical advice
  • Arrange environmental health services and/or pest control
  • Carry-out structural inspections
  • Remove debris
  • Provision of transport for those affected
  • Provide care and support to families/individuals affected
  • Set-up rest centres for evacuees and longer term temporary accommodation as required
  • Support the provision of public information
  • Set-up temporary mortuaries
  • Set-up appeal funds
  • Oversee the recovery and rehabilitation of the community

Write your own emergency plan

Together with the emergency services, we have written generic plans to cover emergencies that might come our way. You could do the same for your household.

Home emergency plan (PDF, 400KB)

Emergency supplies kit (PDF, 200KB)

Stay informed during an emergency

Television and Local radio stations

Television and radio stations can provide you with updates and information during emergencies. Below is a list of our local radio stations:

  • BBC Radio Wales 657AM, 882AM and 93-104FM
  • Heart North West and Wales 103.4, 97.1 and 96.3 FM
  • Chester Dee 106.3FM
  • BBC Radio Cymru 92.4 – 96.8 and 103.5- 104.9mhz FM
  • Radio City 96.7FM
  • BBC Radio Merseyside 95.8FM 1485AM
  • Coast 96.3

Our website

If you can connect to the internet, check our news updates and spot light reports for the latest information. These will give you the latest details such as the area affected, contact numbers and advice on what to do. You can also find advice on dealing with floods, fires, extreme weather, hazardous materials and evacuations from our emergencies pages.