Supporting Welsh language learners

We want to support employees on their language journey in order to ensure the best possible outcomes. We encourage employees to practice, and we arrange various informal support and opportunities throughout the year. Keep an eye out for all these by visiting the Welsh at Work page (on LINC).

Alternatively you can contact Manon Celyn, Welsh Language Officer on 01824 708040 or email

Examples of these include:                

  • lunchtime 'tea and talk' sessions
  • Welsh choir
  • Eisteddfod
  • conversation groups

Other opportunities to practice

TV and Radio 

It is possible to practice listening and comprehension skills by watching and listening to Welsh language programmes. Dal Ati (external website) is a special S4C service for learners at Intermediate to Advanced levels. It provides information, vocabulary, clips etc. to provide confidence and enjoyment as learners progress, or Radio Cymru (external website), or via the BBC iPlayer (external website).

Say Something in Welsh

Say Something Welsh (external website) is a course focusing on helping people to speak and understand Welsh. It avoids complicated grammatical rules and does not involve reading and writing. The course provides MP3 files free to download. The first course (25 lessons), practice sessions and vocabulary units are all available free of charge.


Learning with Duolingo (external website) is fun. Points can be won for correct answers, race against the clock, and then progress to the next level, all at a learning pace of the learner’s choice. These effective bite-sized lessons are ideal for busy people who are always on the go. Each lesson includes challenges in speaking, listening, translation and multiple-choice answers.

Welsh Apps

The following are suggested apps that you could use whilst learning Welsh.

App: Entry Course

For beginners. Covers everyday situations and prepares the learner to be able to make a fluent contribution to a conversation. Specific attention to pronunciation so that the learner is given the confidence to feel that they will be understood.

App: Foundation Course

Next level up from beginner. Introduces subjects such as discussing things they have done, opinions, news, making plans, and introduces new patterns of vocabulary. 

App: Dal Ati

This app supports the S4C programme. New content each week includes video and audio clips, and exercises. 

Ap Geiriaduron

This is a Welsh > English and English > Welsh dictionary that also works online. Provides information on gender of nouns and plural forms, and interprets mutated forms.

Ap Treiglo

A useful app showing which letters change, or which mutation to use after specific words. Very useful at getting those little details right!


A lot of information in Welsh about Welsh. A good place to start is to view clips from cariad@iaith to hear about celebrities’ experiences of learning Welsh in the S4C television series.