Welsh Language Skills Framework

A Welsh Language Skills Framework is a way of easily assessing language skills based on types of communication tasks (reading, writing, speaking, and understanding) which our employees are able to undertake in Welsh. This will then be used to determine what level of skills are needed for the job role and what course employees will require.  

Language Skills Framework

Speaking skills

Level 0

No current level of Welsh language skills

Level 1: entry

  • can say place names / Welsh first names or Welsh signs correctly
  • can greet and introduce others in Welsh
  • can show linguistic courtesy by opening and closing a conversation
  • can give and receive personal detail

Level 2: foundation

  • can understand the essence of conversation in Welsh
  • can convey basic information e.g. simple admin or routine tasks
  • can give an receive instructions and directions

Level 3: intermediate

  • can converse partly in Welsh but turns to English in discussion and to give detail information
  • can describe people and locations

Level 4: advanced

  • can contribute effective in meetings with in own area of work and argue for or against a case.
  • can deal with people in most situations in Welsh but turns to English when dealing with complex situations

Level 5: proficient

  • can deal effectively with complex discussion and questions in Welsh
  • can adjust the style of language to suit all situations and needs