Barod (Project Ready)

Barod / Project Ready is a pilot project funded by the UK Community Renewal Fund.

The project will establish a multi-agency team to join up a variety of services around people aged 16+ to address the variety of barriers to employment, raise aspiration, increase motivation and engagement with the labour market and mainstream DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) employment programmes.

The activities delivered through Barod / Project Ready will be:


We will be advertising the project, working with partners to identify potential participants and then working with the individual to inspire them to participant in the project.

Assessment and planning 

We will be working with individuals to identify their current strengths and weaknesses and the barriers they face. Building on this knowledge to coproduce an agreed plan for change. This process will utilise the Here2There app (external website) to digitally connect participants and staff. 

One to one support 

The project will offer individual support to build confidence and break down the barriers to find employment or access training. Including:

  • confidence and motivation building activities
  • accessing specific training
  • IT support
  • help to fill in application forms for employment or college

One to one support provides the motivation and drive to help the individual to reach their goals.

Specialist advice and support

The project will include homelessness support and homeless prevention from a specialist advisor in the county’s Homeless Prevention team, and specialist benefits and debt management advice from Citizens Advice (external website).

Where appropriate we will also sign-post to free counselling services and commission specialist counselling to support those with mental health barriers based on their individual needs.

Work related education and personal and social skills training

There will be work related education and personal and social skills training available at level 1 and level 2 Credit and Qualifications Framework (CQFW). This will be delivered by the project and accredited by Agored Cymru (external website). Units will focus on:

  • confidence
  • motivation
  • team work
  • CVs
  • interview techniques

Basic skills

Basic skills will be delivered by Adult Learning Wales (external website) and other providers with support from project staff.

Group activities

Wellbeing and motivational activities will be commissioned from local providers or delivered directly by project staff, with the selection of activities delivered tailored to the cohort’s preferences and requirements. We have already investigated possibilities with a range of local providers and selections will be drawn from:

  • Film, Social Media and digital design activities
  • Woodland skills and outdoor activities
  • Healthy eating, healthy mind and active lifestyle activities
  • Sporting activities