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The Micro-provider initiative, run by Denbighshire County Council, now has over 50 businesses operating within Denbighshire, providing care and support to older and disabled people in their own homes, helping them live their lives their way.

Collectively, the 52 businesses provide around 850 hours of care and support in Denbighshire to over 220 residents each week.

The Micro-provider initiative is a free development programme, which supports residents to set up their own Micro-provider service in their local communities.

These businesses help citizens in a number of different ways, including helping with meals, shopping, practical help around the house, DIY, personal care, cleaning, dog walking, companionship, and more.

The scheme is free to join and helps the people of Denbighshire work for themselves locally, and allow them to choose their own hours. It also means that these businesses are helping the local people in their community.

Last January, there were 20 Micro-providers operating within Denbighshire, with over 30 new businesses set up in 2023.

Nick Hughes, Deputy Team Manager, Edge of Care Team said:

“It is great to get over the 50 Micro-provider milestone and to see the amazing work they all do to help keep people in their own homes for longer. Hopefully we will have another busy year!”

Councillor Elen Heaton, Lead Member for Health and Social Care said:

“The Micro-provider initiative continues to thrive, providing a range of vital services to local residents in our community.

The fact that there are now over 50 businesses stands as a clear testament to its success, and I look forward to its continued growth.”

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Published on: 31 January 2024