Council tax reduction scheme

The council tax reduction scheme can help people on a low income pay their council tax. Any amount awarded is credited directly to the council tax account.

Who is the scheme for?

You may get help if:

  • you pay Council Tax 
  • you’re on a low income or claiming benefits 
  • your savings are below a certain level - usually £16,000

How much help can I get?

You can get a reduction of up to 100% on your council tax. How much reduction you get depends on your circumstances e.g. your income, who lives in your household and your savings. 

You can find out what you may be entitled to by using our benefits calculator.

How to apply

Make sure you apply as soon as possible so that you get your full entitlement. You will need to complete a claim form which you can do online and provide additional evidence. 

Complete a claim form online

The claim form can also be used to claim housing benefits and free school meals.

If you have made a claim, you can log in to your account or register your details to check your entitlement online.

Log in or register to view your council tax reduction entitlement

If your circumstances change

If there is a change in your household circumstances, let us know immediately as it will probably affect your claim. If you don’t update us in time, you could miss out or have to pay money back.

If you have moved address, you can report a change of address online

You can contact us about any other changes in your circumstances.