Policy for use of refuse collection / recycling vehicles on private (unadopted) roads

  1. Under Section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (Part II) The Waste collection Authority (DCC) can say how and where household waste should be presented for collection. Non compliance is an offence under the Act.
  2. The decision (whether or not to travel on unadopted roads) will be a managerial one - based upon the following criteria.
    1. Risk assessment by service managers, particularly in relation to the following hazards:
      • Health and safety risks (reversing in restricted spaces etc.)
      • risk of causing damage to non-DCC assets including the structure of the road / manhole covers / parked vehicles /street furniture etc.
    2. Operational considerations, including:
      • ease or otherwise of utilising the unadopted road
      • any other operational considerations
  3. In all cases where householders are making (or are likely to make) incorrect assumptions about where to present their waste for collection – the householder should be formally notified what the Waste Collection Authorities requirements are.
  4. Environmental Services have prepared guidance notes for Planning that explain the normal requirements (for various development types) in relation to refuse collection. This guidance will be updated as/when necessary.