Bins and recycling

Find out about the waste and recycling services we offer. 

Visiting our waste and recycling parks during covid-19

You'll need to book an appointment before visiting a waste and recycling park.

Find out how to book a space at a waste and recycling park

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Services and information

Bin collection dates

Find out your waste and recycling days.

Order a new bin or bags

How to order a new bin or bags for waste.

Garden waste collections

Information about garden waste collections, including how to sign up.

Bulky item collections

How to arrange collection of bulky household items.

What goes in my bins?

Find out what goes in each waste or recycling container.

Recycling and waste parks

Find out where you can take your recycling and waste.

Report a missed refuse collection

Let us know if your bins have not been collected.

Report fly tipping

How to inform us if rubbish has been dumped illegally.

Assisted collections

How to apply for assisted collections.

Home composters

Information about home composters.

Trade waste

How to arrange waste disposal from a business premises.

Real Nappies

Denbighshire encourage residents to use modern reusable nappies to save money and help the environment.

Recycle More

Recycle more, waste less.

Disposal of asbestos

How to dispose of asbestos.

Use of refuse collection or recycling vehicles on private roads

Our policy for use of refuse collection or recycling vehicles on private (unadopted) roads.

Damaged waste and recycling wheelie bins

We can repair some damaged waste and recycling wheelie bins.

Waste and recycling charges

There are charges for some waste and recycling services and containers.