About business rates

Business rates are collected by local Councils but are paid into a National Pool. Central Government then gives each area a share based on the number of adults in the local population. This means that an area with relatively few businesses, or where property values are generally low, is not at a disadvantage owing to its low Business Rate income. 

How are my business rates calculated?

The rates payable for a property are calculated by multiplying the rateable value by the national rate in the pound (commonly known as ‘poundage’). This is set at the same rate across the whole of Wales, so local councils cannot set different poundages.

The rateable multiplier for financial year 2024/2025 is 0.562

Find a rateable value 

Can I appeal the rateable value?

If you feel the rateable value is incorrect, you can appeal to the Valuation Office Agency. Find contact details of your Valuation Office (external website)

Previous year's rateable multiplier

Previous rateable multipliers
Financial yearRateable multiplier
2023/2024 0.535
2022/2023 0.535
2021/2022 0.535
2020/2021 0.535
2019/2020 0.526
2018/2019 0.514
2017/2018 0.499
2016/2017 0.486

Audits of charges

In the past we have received requests from agents to provide details of charges and other account information going back many years. Denbighshire county council are unable to respond to these requests as in most instances, the rating agents should be able to calculate their client's charges based on the information obtained from the Valuation Office Agency or their clients records.

If you think that we have made a mistake with your clients liability, you can provide us with full details including your own calculations and we will review and respond accordingly.