Appeal business rates

It is important to realise the difference between appealing against your rateable value and a decision made by the business rates department. 

The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) will no longer provide estimates of Rateable Value to ratepayers.

If you require an estimate please visit the VOA website to look for a comparable assessment or alternatively you can seek professional advice.

Can I appeal the Rateable value?

If you feel the rateable value is incorrect, you can appeal to the Valuation Office Agency. You can find full details of appealing the rateable value by going to the VOA’s appeals page (external website).

I want to appeal a decision made by the Business Rates department

If you disagree with a decision made by us regarding your liability to pay, you should contact us in the first instance and if you still disagree then you should challenge the decision at the liability hearing at magistrates court.

Do I still have to pay while an appeal is on-going?

Yes, you must pay the rates awaiting the outcome when appealing either the rateable value or a decision made by the Business Rates department. Failure to do so could result in recovery action being taken.