Business rates: Heat Networks Relief

The Heat Networks Relief is intended to support businesses with relief to non-domestic properties which are used wholly or mainly as a heat network and supply thermal energy generated from low-carbon sources.

What's available through this scheme

Where a non-domestic property meets the eligibility conditions and continues to do so, the ratepayer will benefit from full relief from the chargeable amount of business rates until 31 March 2035.


A Non-Domestic property will be eligible for the relief if it is wholly or mainly used as a heat network which supplies thermal energy generated from a low-carbon source.

Find out more about the eligibility for this scheme on the Business Wales website (external website)

How to apply

Ratepayers will need to apply for this relief by sending a declaration to confirm that they meet the low-carbon condition, and will be asked to renew their declaration every year.

The definition of a low-carbon source is widely recognised within the heat networks sector. It is expected that operators of eligible heat networks will be able to understand and reliably evidence that they meet this definition.

If you would like to apply for this relief, you can send your declaration to