Fostering and adoption


Fostering is a way of providing a family life for children who cannot live with their own parents. It is often used to provide temporary care while parents get help resolving problems, or to help children or young people through a difficult period in their lives. 

There are two types of fostering: 

Temporary fostering 

Children join you at short notice and stay for a few weeks or months, and then they return to their family, or move on to adoption or long-term fostering. Temporary foster carers will look after several children in their careers. 

Long-term fostering

Children are carefully matched with you, and they stay with you until they move out to live independently, usually at around 18 years of age. Some fostering relationships continue into adulthood, as children develop a lasting emotional attachment to you and your family.  

Who can foster?

People looking to foster must: 

  • Be over 21 and mature enough to meet the demands of parenthood
  • Be in reasonably good health, and fit and well enough to care for children into adulthood 
  • Be able to offer a secure home with a spare room for one or more children, but you do not have to own your own home 
  • Have the time and ability to foster. You don’t need to give up work to foster, as long as your work is flexible enough to cope with the demands, and you have a support network in place.

We do not discriminate on the grounds of class, race, culture, sexual orientation or disability. We also welcome enquiries from single people who are interested in fostering.

Find out more

If you are interested in becoming a foster carer, you can either call us for free on 0800 7313 215, or complete an online enquiry form below.

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When we receive your enquiry, we will contact you and arrange to visit you at home. We will discuss fostering with you, and help you to decide whether to make a formal application to foster.


Adoption means becoming a new life-long family for a child when their parents are not able to care for them. 

Adoption in North Wales is handled by the North Wales Adoption Service (external website).