Commuted Sums

A Commuted Sum is a payment by developers to a local authority when it is not appropriate to provide the required outdoor open space during a development. The funds are held specifically for the enhancement of open spaces and play areas, and are often used for the same town or community council from where they came. However, in some circumstances, the funds can be used for nearby towns or community councils in Denbighshire.

This fund is currently closed.

Public Recreational Open Space Commuted Sum Scheme Guidelines (PDF, 156KB)

Who can apply for funding?

Organisations that can apply for funding include:

  • City, town and community councils
  • Community and voluntary groups
  • Charities
  • Public sector organisations
  • Amateur sports clubs
  • Denbighshire County Council

Sports clubs and private membership clubs that do not offer a ‘pay and play’ option will not be considered eligible to apply for funding.

What type of projects would be eligible for funding?

Funds can be used to lay out new open space or to enhance existing provision, thereby increasing usage.

Valid improvements to existing provision can include:

  • Upgrades to the range of facilities on offer (including the upgrade of outdated equipment) but not replacement of items that have become unusable due to lack of maintenance improvements to make the site/facility more accessible;
  • works to intensify use of the facility (i.e. all weather surfacing);
  • drainage or surface works to extend the usage of the facility;
  • fencing and lighting works to make the facility safer;
  • provision of changing facilities to increase use;
  • car parking, or other essential services again to increase and extend use.

Funding is only available for outdoor public recreational open space with open access or a ‘pay and play’ option. Informal outdoor space such as green areas and woodlands are eligible provided the project increases the recreational value of the setting. Formal parks and gardens where people can take exercise are also eligible as are formal sports facilities with open public access.

For more information about the Local Development Plan policies and supplementary planning guidance, please visit the Local Development Plan pages on this website.

Further guidance

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