UKSPF project: Sports pitch officer and maintenance/inspections team

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Project lead: Denbighshire County Council

Project overview

This project will initially aim to address the immediate issues surrounding the development of an all-round sports offering with the aim of providing facilities up to an acceptable and safe standard.

The project will also recruit a Sports Pitch Officer and Maintenance Team to oversee the use, provision of maintenance and bookings of public sports pitches across the county.

Project updates

March 2024

This project was originally designed to provide an in-house resource for the management and improvement of sports pitches within Denbighshire. Unfortunately, due to recruitment delays, the 23/24 element of the project has not been possible. Going forward rather than recruiting staff directly due to the specialist skills and knowledge required, it has been decided that the Council would gain better value for money by commissioning specialist contractors to deliver the projects we aim to include within the scope of this funding.

Approval has been received to capitalise this funding which we are now hoping to spend on renovating the MUGA on Rhydwyn Drive and fencing off some of the football pitches in addition to other infrastructure improvements on the site subject to the budget. Initial discussions with elected members and colleagues in property services have taken place and engagement with the local community user groups is taking place regarding the plans.

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