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Updates about the UKSPF.

Latest information - March 2024

All Shared Prosperity Fund projects approved in 2023 are progressing well with project delivery, and we will soon be including updates to the projects section of our shared prosperity fund web pages of the activities that that have been undertaking.

In addition to this, we have now allocated further Multiply funds across three of our previously approved projects for the purposes of numeracy confidence boosting sessions and provisions for a Multiply Key Fund.

December 2023 update

We are delighted to announce that all shortlisted projects have now received their grant funding offers and project activity has officially started, with many of the projects also submitting their first claim.

Work is still ongoing exploring ways to utilise Shared Prosperity Fund Multiply monies across the county. Further updates on this anticipated early 2024.

July 2023 update

Denbighshire County Council is delighted to announce that twenty Denbighshire projects have successfully been awarded grants from the county’s allocation of Shared Prosperity Fund (SPF).

View the projects that have been awarded grants.

April 2023 update

Denbighshire Council received 110 applications from community, business and enterprise projects across the county, requesting nearly four times the amount that has been allocated to Denbighshire from the UKSPF.

Unfortunately, this meant that a majority of the projects could not be supported, which will be disappointing news for many applicants. However, support will be made available from the Council to help unsuccessful applicants to explore other funding avenues for their projects where possible.

On 25 April 2023, 29 projects in total were shortlisted by Denbighshire County Council’s Cabinet. The Denbighshire-based projects which have passed the stage 1 appraisal process have now been invited to proceed and submit a stage 2 application. The multi local authority projects that have made Denbighshire County Council’s shortlist cannot yet proceed with stage 2 until a decision has been made by all the relevant local authorities across North Wales.

October 2022 update

October 2022 update

Following the submission of the Regional Investment Plan in August 2022, Denbighshire along with the other five North Wales authorities is awaiting feedback from the UK Government. We are working with colleagues across the region to develop the application process and hope to begin to invite applications later in the year.

Meanwhile, if you have any queries please email

August 2022 update

August 2022 update

Thank you to all partners who fed into the development of the Denbighshire element of the Regional Investment Plan for Shared Prosperity Funding.

North Wales Local Authorities worked together in a staged approach to pull together a regional plan for submission on 1 August. This was at a very high level and designed to simply unlock the allocations for each Local Authority. Gwynedd Council is leading on the North Wales Plan on behalf of the six authorities.

The main focus of the Regional Investment Plan did not go further than selection of "interventions". The interventions spread across the 3 pillars (People & Skills, Supporting Local Business, and Communities & Place) effectively describe the scope of eligible activity.

Through stakeholder engagement, we were able to determine that there is enough need/interest in Denbighshire to include 29 interventions in our thinking, and this is reflected in the drafting of the Regional Plan

Denbighshire, like the other Local Authorities in the region, has not asked for formal funding requests or Expressions of Interests at this time (as they have done in other parts of Wales) but have welcomed feedback on the types of local activity that align with the UK Govt Interventions.

Ideas would ultimately need to demonstrate how they can deliver the outputs and outcomes required in Denbighshire (and show strategic alignment with documents such as the Council's Corporate Plan). They will be shared with an Advisory Partnership Board, membership of which is mandated by UK Govt, who will make recommendations to the Council for investment. The Governance process for this is in development, and we will update this page and share more information once this is developed.

Meanwhile, if you have any queries please email

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