Universal Primary Free School Meals

To help with the rising costs-of-living, we are working with Welsh Government so that every primary school pupil will be offered free school meals by 2024 through the Universal Primary Free School Meals scheme.

In Denbighshire schools, Universal Primary Free School Meals are currently available for every child in:

  • reception class
  • year 1
  • year 2

This is different to the Free School Meals scheme which is available for people who receive certain benefits.

When will Universal Free School Meals be available? 

Universal Primary Free School Meals will be available to children in:

  • reception classes from September 2022 
  • year 1 from January 2023
  • year 2 from April 2023
  • year 3 and 4 from September 2023

Our aim is that all other primary aged pupils will receive Universal Primary Free School Meals by 2024.

How to get Universal Primary Free School Meals for your child

All children (in a year group where Universal Primary Free School Meals are available) will be asked daily by their school if they would like to have school meals.

The is no application process to check if a pupil is eligible for Universal Primary Free School Meals.

You can contact your child's school to find out more about how to get Universal Primary Free School Meals.

Free School Meals

If you are eligible to receive Free School Meals because you receive a qualifying benefit, we recommend that you apply for Free School Meals as you will also be eligible for the school uniform and equipment grant. 

To find out more, including what the qualifying benefits are and how to apply, visit our free school meals page.

Specific/dietary requirements

Special diets and identified allergies are currently catered for across all schools and this will continue. Please discuss the specific requirements of your child directly with the school.

Packed lunches from home

If you'd prefer, your child can take a packed lunch from home instead of having a Universal Primary Free School Meal. You can also take up the offer of Universal Primary Free School Meals on some days and a packed lunch on others.