Section 52 budget statements

Every year, we publish Section 52 budget statements to show the planned spending for education in Denbighshire. The statements are in three parts: 

  • Part 1: School level information: a summary of schools’ budgets, showing each school’s budget share, and the budget share per pupil 
  • Part 2: Individual schools budget: funding factors: our allocation formula, showing a description of its factors or criteria, their cash values and methodology. We also provide a narrative of each element. 
  • Part 3: School budget share: shows how our formula has been applied to each school to calculate its budget share. It shows all of the factors (financial and non-financial) used to generate each school’s formula allocation.

You can download the Section 52 budget statements for the last five years below.

Section 52 Outturn statements

At the end of each financial year (31st March) we prepare a statement to summarise: 

  • each school’s planned budget share 
  • in-year adjustments 
  • actual expenditure and income 
  • balances brought forward from the previous financial year 
  • balances carried forward to the next financial year

We submit this statement to the Welsh Government each year. You can download the Section 52 outturn statements for the last five years below.