Support for newcomers to Welsh medium education

Learners (newcomers) who have not previously received Welsh medium education and have registered at a school to receive Welsh medium education in Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be entitled to outreach support at the beginning of their first term at their registered school.

How to get support

All support is available with the consent of the parent/guardian, together with the mutual agreement of the Headteacher and the Local Authority.

What support is available?

Two staff members (teacher and a higher level teaching assistant) will provide support for learners. Support has been carefully structured to promote fluency in the spoken language (Welsh), enabling learners to fully integrate into school life through the medium of Welsh.

Each newcomer from Year 3-6 will receive free school transport (see Denbighshire’s transport policy) to attend a Language Centre, three days a week for a full school term. Alternatively, if not enough newcomers register in Welsh medium schools in any given term, pupils will receive regular outreach support at the school.

When numbers are low (subject to availability) we are able to offer some support to other groups of newcomers such as:

  • year 2 newcomers
  • year 1 newcomers
  • year 3,4,5,6 pupils who were newcomers the previous term