Report a food problem

We deal with food issues in Denbighshire. If your complaint is about an establishment outside Denbighshire, please contact the relevant local authority.

Food complaints

If you buy any food or drink that you are not happy with you should firstly contact the shop, manufacturer or supplier where you bought the goods.

Our Food Safety Team only deals with food issues that pose a risk to public health, such as:

  • food unfit for consumption, e.g. decomposing meat
  • food that is contaminated, e.g. heavy mould growth on cheese
  • an item found within the food that shouldn’t be there, e.g. a bolt in a loaf of bread
  • misdescribed, incorrect weight or adulterated foods, including non genuine product sales
  • food not complying with compositional and labelling requirements, including being beyond 'Use By' date
  • where fraud may be involved

Some food complaints may not be dealt with as things can go wrong with food which have little or no effect on health.

Food business complaints

If you are concerned about food handling practices or standards of cleanliness at a food business in Denbighshire please contact us so that we can investigate the issue.

Not all complaints will be investigated as some may have little or no risk to health.  In this case the information will recorded on the premises file and will be considered during the premises next routine inspection.

We will not investigate anonymous complaints or complaint of alleged food poisoning prior to a visit to your GP.