Environmental health

Find information on environmental health issues such as contaminated land, air quality and more.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Cases in Denbighshire

The latest number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Denbighshire can be found on the Public Health Wales website (Mobile view | Desktop view). (Click on the 'Local Authorities table' tab to view information for Denbighshire).

How we are working to delay the spread of Coronavirus in Denbighshire.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Service information and guidance

For the latest information about our services and advice please visit denbighshire.gov.uk/coronavirus

Services and information

Dog issues

Report dog issues from stray dogs, dog fouling and barking to help with the removal of dead dogs.

Food hygiene and safety

Food hygiene standards and conditions if you are planning to run a food business.

Pests and infestation

Get advice on how to deal with rats, mice, wasps and more.


Find out about air and water quality, noise pollution and more.

Cooling towers and evaporative condensers

If your premises operates or contains a cooling tower or evaporative condenser, then you must let us know.

Contaminated land

Find out what contaminated land is and how to report an incident.