Affordable housing

Affordable housing properties become available through new build, the purchase of existing housing and the re-let or re-sale of existing affordable homes. This supply comes forward throughout the county.

There are a range of different types of affordable housing.

Social rented

Traditional Council or Housing Association (Registered Social Landlord) rented property. Properties are allocated through the Single Access Route to Housing (SARTH) allocation policy and based on a priority banding and the date of application. This is run through a regional partnership and covers most of North Wales. This kind of housing is usually the cheapest to rent.

Rent or purchase (or a mix of both)

There are different types of affordable housing, including help to purchase a home, discounted rented and Rent to Own, which combines elements of both. New tenure options are being developed.

Tai Teg

You can access other types of affordable housing, including rented and various types of homeownership through the Tai Teg register. Changes to eligibility mean that minimum income levels now apply. Further information can be found at the Tai Teg website (external website).

Registered Social Landlords

Within Denbighshire there are properties owned by Denbighshire Council and there are 6 Housing Associations (Registered Social Landlords) that operate in the County. Here are the links to their websites for further information (in alphabetical order):