Coaching and mentoring

Coaching and mentoring are ways of giving people time to think. This can have a significant impact on the development of individuals, and consequently Denbighshire County Council, during a period of economic pressure and continual change. We are now able to offer our employees coaching and mentoring from well trained and experienced practitioners, in a way that is as straight forward and effective as possible.

We want to develop aspiring and existing leaders by giving them space and time to think and reflect, build new skills and allow them to explore and develop a range of leadership behaviours so they can be adaptable and resilient, and ultimately deliver what we need.

Common benefits people experience from coaching include:

  • better engagement and performance
  • organisational effectiveness
  • improved sense of direction and focus
  • increased knowledge of self and self-awareness
  • enhanced ability to relate to and influence others
  • stronger motivation
  • improved performance effectiveness
  • increased resourcefulness
  • more confidence

Coaching and mentoring toolkit (PDF, 582KB)

Denbighshire Coaches and Mentors

Here is a list of all our available coaches and mentors:

  • Katie Newe
  • Samantha Williams
  • Alaw Pierce
  • Bethan Hughes

Once you have had time to look at the different coach and mentor profiles available and you want to continue with the process, then please complete the Expression of Interest form and email to

Coaching / mentoring expression of interest form (MS Word, 26KB)

You may also want to use the Self Analysis form to help you think about why you have chosen this route.

Coachee self-analysis form (MS Word, 14KB)