Improve your digital skills

Over the years we have seen the development of all kinds of technologies within the workplace as well as at home in our personal lives.

We want to support our employees to become more confident with working with digital technology in order to prepare us for the future.

In this section we have included all the links that may be of help to you whatever your digital skills level. As new courses or information becomes available we will ensure that this is added to this page.

Denbighshire ICT

Denbighshire ICT (external website)

Digital Communities Wales

Digital Communities Wales (external website)

Digital Communities Wales: Digital Confidence, Health and Well-being exists to reduce digital exclusion in Wales. We want a Wales where everyone has the skills, access and motivation to be a confident user of digital technology.

Learn my Way Digital Skills

Learn my way (external website)

The website contains over 30 free courses designed to help beginners get started with the online basics - using a mouse, keyboard, setting up email accounts and using internet search engines - while also offering plenty to help people develop their digital skills further.

HWB Dinbych Digital Support

HWB Dinbych (external website)

Facebook HWB Dinbych (external website)

The HWB based in Denbigh have resumed their digital support sessions. These are available every Wednesday 10am-15:00pm. To book a 30 minute appointment please contact 01745 818485.

Adult Learning Wales

Various courses available.

Careers Wales

Careers Wales (external website)

Future Learn

Future Learn (external website)


Alison (external website)

Open Learn

Open Learn (external website)


Eventbrite (external website)