Welsh courses and classes

We will support all employees to not only complete the 10 hour online course, but to continue to learn up to the Foundation (Level 2) qualification. Authorisation to progress will only be given if it is determined by the manager that the post requires this level of Welsh. If you are interested and want to learn Welsh you must seek approval from your manager, before reserving a place on a course. 

Once the manager has determined what Welsh skills is required for the role, using the Welsh Language Skills Framework, employees will be able to undertake the relevant Welsh qualification. 

What courses are available?

Welcome Work Welsh 

An online 10 hour course for people with little or no welsh language skills. There are a number of units that you will need to complete and some that specialise in various sectors of the organisation. If you work in the care services there is a tailored 10 hour course for your sector that you should complete. 

These are some of the things that you will be able to say:

  • begin and end a conversation appropriately
  • understand and use familiar phrases like greetings, say thank you and give directions
  • understand simple enquiries
  • transfer a call to a Welsh-speaking colleague

New advanced online Welsh course

The 'Gwella Cymraeg Gwaith' online course helps to improve people’s Welsh in the workplace. A 10-hour online course aimed at workers who already use the Welsh language at work, but who wish to develop their skills and confidence to improve their Welsh writing. The language of work is used on this course.

By the end of the course users will be able to:

  • understand many of the mutation rules and use them correctly
  • understand the difference between words that look alike but have different meanings (e.g. a/â; ac/ag; maen/mae)
  • use the short words correctly (e.g. ar, am) and understand how to change them (e.g. arna i, amdana i)
  • discussing the past confidently
  • understand some of the main rules associated with noun masculine/feminine words
  • use of impersonal verbs (e.g. edrychwyd; penderfynwyd) confidently in documents such as minutes of meetings
  • understand how to use the 'bod' clause correctly to convey that (e.g. fy mod i, eu bod nhw)
  • understand the difference between some English and Welsh patterns, avoiding literal translation from English

Create an account by visiting the Learn Welsh: create account page (external website) and ensure that you enter your details, accept the terms and conditions and select Cyngor Sir Ddinbych / Denbighshire County Council as your employer. You will then be ready to complete the units.

Learn Work Welsh

The intensive Learn Work Welsh courses will improve your ability to use Welsh and help you to work bilingually. There are different course levels available, this table explains more. 

There is a time commitment to attend these courses which equates to a minimum of 120 hours per year, followed by an examination. We will run regular courses throughout the year, and due to the need to have minimum class numbers you may be placed on a waiting list. Once we have enough to run a class, we will work with our local provider to determine the best day/time and location. 

You must seek approval from your manager to attend, and you must adhere to the required learning agreement. Please complete the Welsh classes application form.

If you work in the care services, there may be other courses available.

If you are interested in attending any of these courses please complete the Welsh course authorisation form and send to llinos.howatson@denbighshire.gov.uk.

Welsh course application form (MS Word, 31KB)

Level 1: entry

Courses for beginners with an emphasis on speaking Welsh.

Level 2: foundation

An opportunity for learners to strengthen their speaking skills.

Level 3: intermediate

More writing, reading and listening skills and introduced at this level - but emphasis is still on speaking Welsh.

Level 4: advanced

Courses help learners to improve their writing skills but again, the main emphasis is on strengthening speaking skills.

Level 5: proficiency

Courses are available for experienced learners and fluent Welsh speakers who want to strengthen their spoken and written skills.

Using Work Welsh

This is a five-day residential course held in Nant Gwytheyrn on the Llyn Peninsula. This course will focus on giving employees the confidence to use Welsh at work. This course is suitable for learners who are on intermediate level or above. It is also suitable for less confident Welsh speakers or confident speakers of Welsh who want to improve their Welsh language skills.

If you are interested in this course you will need to speak to your manager and determine whether your role requires the level of skills as set out on the Welsh language skills framework page. Further information can be found at the Learn Welsh: residential courses (external website) page.

Other courses

There may be an opportunity for you to learn Welsh through bespoke or ad-hoc courses that are run throughout the year at various locations. Details of these will be included on this page and communicated as and when they are available. These could include holiday and revision sessions, bespoke and tailored sessions.