Industrial action

Participating in industrial action

Employees are reminded that industrial action is a breach of contract. For all employees (excluding teachers) working a standard 37 hour/5 day, participating in industrial action, you will have 7.40 hours (20%) pay deducted for this day (reduced if you are part time).

If you are a teacher deductions from salary will be made on the basis of Section 3, paragraph 3.2 of the ‘Burgundy Book’ which specifies a deduction of 1/365 for unpaid leave of absence, giving industrial action as an example of where 1/365 deduction might be made. The deduction of 1/365 of salary will apply to both Full Time and Part Time teachers.

If you will be at work as per usual on the day of the strike or any other day which will be designated as an industrial action day, you will be required to register your attendance in order to ensure pay for that day. Your manager/head teacher will inform you of the arrangements in this respect prior to the day.

If you are undertaking jury service, serving on public bodies or undertaking public duties you will be granted paid leave of absence.

If you are able to claim for loss of earnings then you should complete the necessary paperwork. When you receive the payment directly, a deduction will be made from your salary. This does not include leave for employees who are required to attend court as a witness for a case which is not relevant to Denbighshire County Council. In such cases your absence from work will have to be taken as annual leave, flexi or as unpaid leave.