Unpaid leave

Career breaks, leave of absence or Sabbatical

A career break is an extended period of unpaid leave from the workplace. Career breaks are typically used to pursue personal interests, such as travelling, volunteering or personal development. They can also be used to provide a period of care for a dependant.

Eligible employees can request an unpaid career break of between three and 12 months. Eligibility criteria and how to make a request are included in the Time off work policy.

Parental leave

Parental Leave regulations specify that parental leave applies only for children born after 15th December 1999, the date the regulations came into force.

There is no entitlement for parental leave to be paid.

Public duties

If you are undertaking jury service, serving on public bodies or undertaking public duties you will be granted paid leave of absence. If you are able to claim for loss of earnings then you should complete the necessary paperwork. When you receive the payment directly, a deduction will be made from your salary. This does not include leave for employees who are required to attend court as a witness for a case which is not relevant to Denbighshire County Council. In such cases your absence from work will have to be taken as annual leave, flexi or as unpaid leave. 

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