Professional Standards (schools)

The professional standards are statements of education practitioners' professional values and attributes, knowledge and understanding and also the various skills.

The standards also clarify the expectations at each stage of a practitioner's career and help them identify how they need to develop professionally to progress in their career.

Professional standards (external website)

Why do we need professional standards?

The overall purpose of the professional standards is to raise standards of teaching and to improve learner outcomes throughout Wales. The professional standards articulate the understandings, knowledge and values that our teachers, leaders and Higher Level Teaching Assistants must demonstrate. They provide a framework to enable practitioners to identify their performance management objectives and to choose the most appropriate professional development activities.

Who are the standards for?

  • Higher Level Teaching Assistant Standards (HLTA)
  • Practising Teacher Standards (PTS) replace the End of Induction Standard
  • Leadership Standards replace the National Standards for Headteachers in Wales.