Rhyl Harbour: Boat Park

If you're looking to store your boat for the winter or longer to carry out repairs, the Harbour Boat Park offers dry berths to lay up and recovery of your boat using our 20 ton Slipway Hoist.

Rhyl Harbour: 20 ton slipway hoist

We also offer lay-up without trailers, shoring/chocking and boat movement.

Park and Launch

Our 'Park and Launch' packages offer 12 months storage for trailered boats with unlimited launch and recover from our manned tractor.

Rhyl Harbour: Launch Slipway

During the summer we operate 8am to 8pm (tide permitting) and access is available 2.5 hours either side of high water.

Park and Launch packages

Trailered boats (6 metres and under)
£800 (12 months) £1015 (12 months)
£520 (6 months) £655 (6 months)
Trailered boats (Over 6 metres and up to 7.6 metres)
£1020 (12 months) £1200 (12 months)
£655 (6 months) £780 (6 months)

Boat storage

Price per metre per week: Resident - £3.30 Non-resident - £3.75

Trailer storage per week: £15.00

Boats on trailers: £25.00 (up to 4 weeks)

Boat yard

Lifting Rates - per metre per way: £22.50

Sling Wash - per metre: £29.25

Pressure wash normal fouling - per metre: £6.30

Pressure wash heavy fouling - per metre: £8.80

Stepping - un-stepping masts: £125.00 (price confirmed upon application)

Miscellaneous lifting per hour: £120.00

Shoring and Chocking

Boat Stands - per stand per week: £1.00

6 Point Cradle - per week: £15.00

Contact us

The Harbour Office
Horton's Nose Lane
LL18 5AX

Phone: 01824 708400

Email: rhyl.harbour@denbighshire.gov.uk

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