Rhyl Harbour: Moorings

Denbighshire County Council provided moorings

As an alternative to boat storage you may be interested in a mooring.

The moorings at Rhyl Harbour are very popular and there is currently a waiting list. If you would like to be added to the list contact us at the Harbour office on 01824 708 400 and we’ll add you. You will need to pay mooring fees and harbour dues.

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Note: Denbighshire resident rates also cover areas with an LL18 postcode.

Mooring / Pontoon berthsResidentNon-resident
8 metre mooring £620 £730
10 metre mooring £710 £865
Serviced pontoon berths per metre £97 £120
Non-serviced pontoon berths per metre £78.50 £93

Harbour Dues

All vessels moored at Rhyl Harbour must pay Harbour Dues.

  • Vessels up to 8 metres: £85 per annum
  • Vessels 8.01 metres to 10 metres: £120 per annum
  • Vessels 10.1 metres to 12 metres: £171 per annum

Visitor rates

8 metres and under: £20 per night (add £1.80 per metre over 8 metres)

Commercial vessels: £3 per metre per night

  • Fresh water available
  • Electricity can be purchased via Smart Cards available from the Harbour office

Slipway launching permits

Annual registration all vessels: £30

Self launch / Tractor launch and recovery fees
Self launch / Tractor launch and recoveryResidentNon-resident
Daily Self Launch £20 £25
Annual Self Launch £130 £165
Tractor Launch and Recovery £45 £50