Flooded roads

If there is a flooded road or a blocked ditch in your area, let us know and we will take action to bring the problem under control.

Report flooding

You can either contact us online or call us on 01824 706000.


If you live in a flood risk area, and feel you would like to have a few sandbags at home to keep as a precaution to use in the event of a flood, you can buy sandbags from hardware or DIY stores. There are also other bespoke systems available to protect doorways and air bricks.

Natural Resources Wales: Long term flood risk maps (external website).

We do not provide sandbags to individual properties when there is a flood. Instead, we use sandbags mainly to protect groups of residents, for example by diverting the path of flowing water, and directing it towards gullies and manholes. This enables us to protect whole streets, whereas giving out sandbags to individual householders in a street would be a far less effective use of resources.

Find out more about how to protect your home from the risk of flooding.