Apply for H-markings

H-markings are white 'H' shaped lines painted on the kerbside to draw attention to a driveway or access. They are only advisory markings, and do not have any legal standing. They are also known as Access Protection Markings (APMs).

How do I apply for an APM?

Contact us to request an APM. Let us know precisely where you would like the marking, and give details of the exact problems that you are experiencing.

We will then carry out an assessment to decide whether an APM is appropriate. APMs should only be used sparingly, as over-using them makes them less effective.

We will let you know whether your application for an APM is successful.

There is a £50 charge for the marking. If you want to go ahead you will need to pay upfront, and then we will arrange for the work to be done when the road marking contractor is next in the area.

Can APMs be enforced?

As stated above, APMs are purely advisory and have no legal standing. However, parking across someone's access is deemed as causing obstruction, which is enforceable by the Police, whether an APM is present or not.